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Pakistani Women Dress Styles

Pakistani fashion has its own uniqueness and style which expresses their creativity and love for fashion. The dresses are mostly inspired by indo-Pak culture and are a mixture of the culture with religion. Fashion trends have changed from time to time as different decades has their own styles and trends. Pakistani fashion has reached its boom in the last two decades with private media flourishing and new fashion icons entering the industry.

Last two decades saw a mixture of western and eastern culture which created flaunting and glitzy designs that are loved worldwide. The most amazing thing about fashion industry of Pakistan is their acceptance of local designs and exploiting them into the international market. We have different cultural dresses in different provinces as Punjab mostly have shalwar kameez, dhoti kurta and a combination of both, Sindh has famous Sindhi Ajrak which is popular not even in Pakistan but worldwide. Traditional Balochi dresses are so rich in style that people from different life style love to wear it. Balochi dress is usually called Phashik in the local language and it’s a long shirt that reaches to ankle, wrap to cover the head and upper body. Kalash valley has its own traditional dresses which are adorned by women.

Apart from these traditional dresses, women love to wear simple, elegant, trendy and stylish outfits. Stylish shalwar kameez attire is the dress which is admired throughout the country and is in used often. Cool Printed lawn suits, heavy embellished suits and plain suits are the top dresses. Embellished suits are mostly used in parties and other events whereas the small number of women wear saris according to their body and looks. Party dresses can easily be divided into two groups which are three piece and two piece.

Two-Piece Dress:

Two-Piece Dress-BintalBilad

These dresses, we can call them fancier and party kind of stuff as they are more stylish and are of western style. Long kurtas, short kurtas, sleeveless shirts combined with tights, palazzo and Patiala shalwar expresses an open style of the wearer. It gives a stylish, confident and modern look with the connection to the traditional dresses. Two piece dresses are most famous among teenage girls but also among adults. Sleek, smart and glowing looks gives their wearer a look that they can never overlook.

Three-Piece Dress:

Three-Piece Dress-Bintalbilaad

Conventional, traditional and every women choice are these dresses. Fancy, stylish and elegant you can call them whatever you want but they are the most commonly used dresses. Embellishment, gota kinari, stars and layers of work make them one of their kind, from heavy to very light they are the heart of every party, event and family gathering. Adaptable to every body size three piece dresses are the most flattering dress for women, comfortable and eye catching designs make them the must-have dress for every woman.

No matter what type of event you are having, Pakistani women have covered it all. These dresses are simple yet stylish and they create a look which is befitting to their personality. These dresses create a simple, suitable and comfortable which is hard to overlook and also they give an extra boost to the women. Pakistani fashion markets are now the hub for unique cultural and modern dresses.

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