///Ladies Fancy Dresses Pakistan – Style, Elegance & Class

Ladies Fancy Dresses Pakistan – Style, Elegance & Class

As every girl in the world love’s shopping so does the Pakistani women. For women, their dress is everything for them and even they feel their exercise is done if clothes fit them. Lol, right. It seems funny but here is a quote

“If I can get my dress on, my weight is under control.”

But wait, why women are so cautious about their dressing or why they are so crazy about it? There is a reason behind it and that is they have so many occasions to show up to and also they have to shop for everyone including kids, husband, brother, sister, mother and the list goes on. So stop making fun of us. Ladies are more anxious about their looks in case of any event for this the shopping starts a month before just to look good and stylish and that’s by the way our right is. In the case of any event the dress type obviously they want to choose is fancy and in Asian culture, the fancy dresses have different styles to fulfill the desires.

Fancy Attires of Pakistani women:

As in Pakistan our most of the events include family and related people so ladies try to find the dress that can be both stylish and elegant as well. This looks simple but to find a unique and stylish outfit is a matter that women take a lot seriously and thanks to the designers and countless models to help them in this regard. You can arrange fancy attires to 3 main categorize that can be wedding dresses, official events, and the family events.

1. Fancy Wedding Dresses:

A top matter in our society is to wear what at a wedding and for that our wedding style fancy dresses include lehengas, sarees and embroidered fancy shalwar kameez. The most famous from these 3 is lehengas as a bride is the women of the day and she chose to wear this on her special day. As a tradition dark red lehenga is selected and the bride is styled according to the event. Sarees are most favorite among slim girls, it’s a dress that takes your personality to look classy with no extra effort. Most women try to wear fancy shalwar kameez at weddings to be comfortable and stylish at same time.

2. Official Events:

Well, this is the trickiest situation for a woman to choose the dress for this kind of an event as you have to be more elegant and then be stylish. To find a dress that can fulfill both these situation is as tricky as putting an elephant alive in the refrigerator. But all hails to the women power we have got it covered.

Women tend to choose less fancy but elegant dress with a stamp of authority in their dressing and dress up professional as well as fancy for the event.

3. Family Events:

For Family events, women like to choose a casual style with a little bit of fancy dress. This may include less embroidery with a classy look to be formal and stylish at the same time. Dressing for these type of events is not much of hassle as they tend to wear light makeup with just a little bit fancy style.

For every woman in the world styling and dressing is important but the thing important than this is to be comfortable wearing those dresses. A cool simple less fancy dress can be liked by women over a super fancy dress if it is super comfortable than the second one. Women are all up to fashion but staying classy is an art and they are born with it.

“I always find the mirror in the dressing room is where the best artists are.”
“John Lydon”

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