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Fashion Pakistan – Then & Now

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”
Bill Cunningham

Fashion is not about labels and it’s something that comes from inside of you. Fashion in Pakistan has different eras and it evolved during this period. It has its own rise and falls but for now, it has changed a lot. We have different eras even before the birth of Pakistan. Late 40’s and then the birth of Pakistan sees its own fashion industry.

The era of 40:

It was the time when Muslim’s of Pakistan were struggling for their independence and their dress reflected that. The fashion of late 40’s paid homage to the Muslim’s craftsmen. The dressing reflected Lucknow style dressing with shararas, ghararas and Aligarh Pajamas. Fatima Jinnah and Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan were the celebrity and style icon of that time.

Era of 50:

Independence brought a change in the people which reflected in their dressing as well. Aligarh pajamas and Lucknow style changed into saris which were more comfortable and women were delighted to this change. Celebrities like Noor Jehan, shameem ara were the style icons of that time.

The era of 60:

This decade again came with many changes and women enjoyed peddle pushers, maxis, bell-bottom and flappers. It was the time when women were inspired by western style but it was a mixture of western and eastern culture which brought a revolution in the fashion industry.

The 70’s:

70’s change the whole revolution of western and eastern culture to Muslim fashion. Shalwar kameez with Masculine collars, brass buttons with the staple on the shoulder was the style of the decade. It was the time when Muslim Fashion traveled all over the world.

The 80’s:

80 was the era inspired by 70’s and mostly consisted of shalwar kameez, dhoti kurta, Turkish and Patiala kind of shalwars. It was the era which reflected our Punjabi style culture with the modernization of western Islamic countries.

The 90’s:

90 was the time when Pakistan was at the boom in different fields, most importantly in sports. Worldcup, Jansher khan winning streak, Hockey triumphs at international level brought back the western culture and collaborations with eastern culture set the trends for the decade. The decade saw the wedding lehengas, Baloch shalwar, and jeans.

The era of 2000:

With international exposure, grooming and private channel introduction brought the revolution and customization of the dresses. The decade experienced a change in the fashion industry brought new fashion icons and trendsetters. Famous fashion icons of the time are Maria. B, Junaid Jamsheed, Bintalbilaad, ego and much more.
The era saw a flurry of designs but the main changes came in women trousers styles. Pegi, trousers, Palazzos, wide leg jeans/ trousers, cigarette pants, capris, tulip trousers, tights and churidar pajamas.
The time also saw changes in shirt styles but it is mostly inspired by western culture, the period consists of long kurtas, short kurtas, shrugs, and cardigans etc.

Fashion has evolved over the time but the most important to take in consideration is to be stylish with the most comfortable dress. Fashion in 2000 is all about comfortable and stylish suiting, women love’s fashion but they also want to have comfortable dressing so they can be relaxed at any time, any place and look stylish with less effort.

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