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10 Tips to Buy a Quality Dress

When it comes to choosing and buying a dress, there’s a lot you need to consider. With so many pretty bags, sandals, shirts around the corner you need to be choosy and picky so that you can buy what you really need and not been impulsive at times. Buying a casual shirt or a designer dress that you are going to wear only once is not and never will be a good choice. Here is the rundown of tips to buy a quality dress.

1. Worth Money

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The first thing to consider before buying a dress is to make sure that this dress has a good value for money. Am I wasting too much money on this? The money they are charging is what it should be? If you find the answer is yes then surely go for it but mostly this is not the case.
There are tons of dresses that are overrated in terms of price. Yes, they are good and nicely stitched but the amount they are charging is way too high and then there are dresses more beautiful, nicely stitched and with less price. So this is the point where you have to decide does it worth your money?

2. Size Chart

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We all know that size vary from brand to brand so at least check it once before buying. You can easily investigate that by going to a dressing room. Check your size precisely and buy only those that fits you and you feel comfortable wearing them.

3. Fabric

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Nice, comfortable and easy to wash fabric is what that suits a lot of us. You just don’t need to be a pro, obviously, you need warm fabrics in winter and cool in summer and avoid buying light fabric clothes that can get threaded in days because then you are losing your money on a thing that you can’t wear but just can watch. Comfortable fabric makes you feel relaxed and wear your dress more often.

4. Am I Brand Conscious?

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Don’t fall for brands. Ask yourself before buying clothes that are you a brand conscious or you can wear anything that look’s beautiful on you. As sometimes it’s not about brands but it’s about the look the feel that a dress exploits. If you are not brand conscious than you are not limited as it opens the door for you to buy anything at any time and yes cheaply too.

5. Buying Impulsively?

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Are you buying this dress due to sale or some promotion or what? Ask yourself do you really need it or if the promotion is stopped will you still buy it or leave it. If your answer is no then it means it’s going to reside more in your closet than to be on you.

6. Buying because someone said it’s beautiful?

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Oh look that’s so stylish. Wow, that shirt looks gorgeous on Emilia Clark, you should buy it. Don’t get carried away in this kind of situations as you surely are beautiful but then celebrities do a lot of stuff that you don’t. Try it if it looks good and you think that this dress is worth it then surely buy but don’t buy it because someone said it. You are the best judge of your dressing and know what looks best on you precisely.

7. Look Around

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Before buying any dress look around. Don’t go for one shop wander here and there, look for designs, fabric, and trends. Go for a unique dress and exhibit a look that no one else can. Buying what everyone else is buying is not what you are born for. You are unique so maintain your standards.

8. Does it Suits you?

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The dress you tried does it suits you? Does it match your skin tone? You may find a dress that is super stylish and you like it the most but try it for yourself before buying. If it suits your color your height, figure and style then buy it otherwise choose what looks best on you.

9. Is it the same thing you bought last year?

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Compare it with the dress you bought last year. Are they making fool of you by giving you the same dress, revamping it with nothing new in it? Be trendy and before buying go through your closet to check what you have and what new you can buy.

10. Is It Comfortable?

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Wearing too tight, small or overly huge dress will not look good and will not be comfortable for you. Find the right size in which you can be comfortable sitting, walking and doing stuff which you regularly do. That way you can find the most perfect and gorgeous dress for yourself.

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